Needlecraft Cake

This vintage-style cake was made for a lady who loves sewing, knitting, crochet, patchwork and all needlecrafts!


I do fight shy of novelty cakes normally, but as I am very partial to all needlecrafts myself, I thought I would like to have a go at this one. I made a large spool of thread and a pincushion and used some stiff paper straws, ribbon and toning papers to make the bunting. I should say that the pins had to be removed before cutting and were there purely as decoration…1DSC_7656adj

I already had some button moulds, but found a new one with more intricate designs from Karen Davies The pearlised spray I used highlighted the button designs even more.


The same company also had a mould which makes crocheted flowers and leaves – how clever! Again the spray really picked up the detail. The tiny silver balls in the centre of the flowers picked up the silver scissors too.


The customer was thrilled to bits with it and I think I might make one for my own birthday!


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