Woodland Animal Christening Cake

I’m on a bit of a roll – two posts in one day! I can’t think why I didn’t post these photos before now, as it was one of my favourite cakes I made in 2014. The client wanted a woodland animal themed cake with a tree, bunting, an owl, Silvia’s name and lots of lovely autumnal colours.


I don’t make an awful lot of themed cakes like this, so always make a big deal out of them in my head, although I really don’t know why, as they always seem to turn out quite nicely in the end!


I decided to get the tree in place first and then take it from there, placing the owl on a branch and some bunting and a bird higher up.


Then I added a badger, hedgehog


and my favourite, a fox, around the sides. I then filled in the gaps with green leaves, marbled maple leaves and toadstools.


I do like his pointed nose!


Texture was added to the tree by rolling a sugar paste cutting tool up and down randomly.



To go alongside the cake, there was a tower of simple cupcakes decorated with toadstools, ladybirds, leaves, sprinkles and tiny flowers, all in autumnal-coloured paper cases.



The party was held at http://jordansmill.com/ in Bedfordshire, which I must say, I was rather impressed with. They have a nice cafe and you can go on tours of the mill – I must go and do this one day.


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