Gerbera Giant Cupcake

This was made today for a young lady’s birthday. With the sort if day I’ve had, I was relieved to see it handed over in one piece!


The request was for a chocolate giant cupcake with pale pink vanilla frosting and bright pink gerberas. Unfortunately the first one I made cracked as I turned it out, so I had to make a mad dash to the shops to get more soured cream and cocoa to make another one! At least my sons have the reject to eat – it’s half gone already…


Anyway, I very carefully buttered and floured the tin the second time and it worked much better than the ‘Cake Release’ method. I have to say that normally works, but not this time and the butter and flour method seemed to produce a more even finish on the sponge. Must make a mental note for the future!

The gerberas are bit more involved than my usual flowers – they were made of layers of flowers which were cut using daisy and gerbera cutters and a ball tool to curl the edges. The centre was just of ball of yellow sugarpaste pressed into a sieve to get the markings.


I think the final result looked good, despite the mishap with the first sponge. Luckily that doesn’t happen very often. Anyway, I can now put the day behind me and sit with my feet up to watch the Masterchef final!


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