Spiced Toffee Apple Cake with Toffee Frosting

I am currently working on some new ideas for the autumn and winter months ahead. The flavours in this cake hit just the right note for when the weather starts turning chilly and wet – an ideal Bonfire Night cake, I think! My feeling is that the trend is now more towards flavourful cakes with less frosting and icing and this cake is the first of several cakes which will reflect this trend.


The sponge is based on a traditional sticky toffee pudding-type recipe with pureed dates and brown sugar with lots of added spice.


The frosting in the middle of this cake is a toffee frosting (flavoured with a homemade toffee sauce), although I think it would be good with a cream cheese frosting too. The sauce is also drizzled over the top of the cake to finish it off.


The red-skinned apples are sliced very thinly and baked with the top sponge layer and brushed with a syrup to glaze. The toffee then gets drizzled over the top.


Incidentally, the turned wooden cake stand was made for me by Jane Moller. They can be made in any wood and you can see more of her work and my brother’s on his site here, http://www.neillmapes.com.


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