Chocolate Yule Log

Something new for the sweet kitchen for Christmas 2015, a Chocolate Yule Log. I have often been asked to make these in the past, but I admit I have have steered clear, as I was always concerned about the keeping qualities of a traditional Swiss roll sponge over the Christmas period.


This one, however, is a very moist and squidgy dark chocolate sponge, thicker than a regular Swiss roll, so it is more folded than a tight roll inside.


It is brushed with an apricot conserve and filled and covered with chocolate frosting.


It has the essential sprinkling of icing sugar for that snowy effect. This one is decorated with snowflakes brushed with lustre, holly leaves and robins.


It has the added bonus of containing no flour, so it is gluten-free as well. It can of course be decorated with other Christmassy decorations, whatever takes your fancy. It can also have different fillings and coverings such as chestnut puree and a dark chocolate ganache – just contact me for details.

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