Royal Blue Butterfly Wedding Cupcakes

One of things I love about making cupcakes for weddings is that every wedding is quite different and unique. I have never been to two alike. This wedding was at the weekend and the request was for royal blue butterflies and cases and butterfly cupcake wrappers.


It just goes to show that by using colour and simple decorations, you can achieve a stunning effect.


The colours remind me of Chinese porcelain – how wonderful it would be to use these with lots of vintage blue and white china!


Cupcake wrappers are readily available in lots of different designs. These white laser cut designs are very intricate and add a touch of lightness and delicacy to the cupcakes.


The top cake was a simple Victoria sponge covered in hand-swirled frosting and decorated with large and small butterflies. I understand that cakes covered in buttercream, frosting and ganache are making a bit of a comeback, as people are steering away from sugarpaste in favour of more delicious options.


These cupcakes were all plain vanilla, but could equally have been made in any flavour.


I was very pleased with how these looked on the day and I think it’s quite easy to imagine how stunning they could be in a range of colours.


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