This cupcake tower was made a few weeks ago for a big party to celebrate an 18th, a 21st, a 50th and a Silver Wedding Anniversary, all in one family!

It looked really stunning on the day in a large marquee.

They chose a variety of pink tones and silver. We used silver foil, pink dotty, pink gingham, pale and rose-pink cupcakes cases.

To decorate I used mid and deep pink roses, blossoms and daisies with silver ball centres, mini blossom sprinkles, silver balls and pink sparkling sugar. Some cupcakes also had pale pink Magic Sparkles sprinkled over for a glittery effect.

There was a mix of Red Velvet with vanilla frosting and Carrot Cupcakes with orange frosting.

There was also a Giant Red Velvet Cupcake, which I somehow neglected to photograph!

Today, I am off to the Aston Martin garage in Cambridge (not to buy one) to set up another cupcake stand, this time all minis. It’s been a mad few weeks or even few months! Therefore, I just don’t get around to putting all the latest photos on the blog. I must try to catch up a bit!

Edible Glitter Update

June 11, 2012

The Food Standards Agency has developed new guidance on edible and non-toxic glitters and dusts. I have copied this from the FSA’s website, so you can read about the new guidance too.

“The Agency is aware that non-edible cake decorating materials, described as dusts or glitters, are being marketed in ways that could be misleading. These include products only labelled as ‘non-toxic’, without stating they are not to be consumed.

As a general rule:

  • Only glitter or dust clearly labelled as ‘edible’ should be applied to food for consumption. Dusts or glitters that are edible will be made of permitted additives (such as mica and titanium dioxide) and must comply with the requirements of EU food additives legislation.
  • Edible glitter or dust must be labelled with the name or E-number of any additives used and should carry either the statement ‘For food’, ‘Restricted use in food’ or a more specific reference to their intended food use (for example ‘Edible lustre’).
  • ‘Non-toxic’ and inedible glitters that have been tested and meet the requirements of the legislation on food contact materials and articles can be applied to food for decoration, but they cannot be applied to food for consumption. They should be labelled ‘For food contact’ (or alternative wording to show they are not to be eaten) and include instructions for use.
  • Other ‘non-toxic’ glitters and dusts that have not been tested to see if their constituent chemicals migrate into food at levels above legal limits, do not meet the requirements of the legislation on food contact materials and articles.  They are not labelled ‘For Food Contact’ (or similar wording to indicate their use) and should not come into contact with food.

Consumers who are unsure if a ‘non-toxic’ glitter or dust is safe for use in contact with food should contact the glitter or dust supplier. Glitter manufacturers have to provide suppliers with a ‘declaration of compliance’ to show the product(s) meet the requirements of legislation for food contact materials and articles.

The FSA is contacting local authorities to help them clarify how glitters and dusts, intended for consumption or decoration, can be used.”

Confused? You aren’t the only ones. Suffice to say, should you require a sparkly effect on your cakes, I will ony be using Magic Sparkles and edible glitters, which list the ingredients, so you know they are edible. I won’t be using anything which has to be removed before being eaten – I think that is far too confusing!

Apologies for not posting more often, but things are a bit crazy on the baking front!

Here is another new offering from my website – Mini Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Cupcakes from my Summer Fruits range:

There is a vanilla sponge with the centre removed and filled with rhubarb and ginger jam, a creamy piped rhubarb and ginger frosting, which is flavoured purely with a home-made rhubarb and ginger puree and finally a gingery, crunchy crumble sprinkled over the top.

I have to say these mini versions of the crumble cupcakes are quite fiddly and time-consuming to make, but worth it to have something a bit different.

The cakes come topped with pale rhubarb pink flowers. This box-full was delivered to Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge this week, the order having come from abroad. I’ve had several international orders recently, from as far away as Australia to our neighbours over the Channel in France!

Sport Relief Cupcakes

May 15, 2012

Corporate orders often come in the form of a thank-you to another company, such as this order.

Comic Relief/Sport Relief asked me to deliver these to a company in Cambridge, which had sponsored them during the Sport Relief 2012 fundraising campaign.

I had the logos printed for them using the Sport Relief logo, of course.  These printable cupcake toppers come in handy, particularly for corporate orders, when companies often want to feature their logo and company colours.

If this is something you might be interested in, you will need to order at least a week in advance,  just to allow for any delays in the post or printing process.

I bought these card cases at my local cake decorating shop, just to try something different. I assume they are really meant for muffins, but I thought I would try them with cupcakes.

They are a very pretty soft red. They only had this colour in my local shop and I think this make only comes in the one colour. Very Cath Kidston (although not made by them). Having checked on the internet, there are several different makes and patterns available, if you are interested in ordering them.

We had some impromptu visitors a couple of weeks ago, so I knocked up some vanilla cupcake mix and topped them with a simple vanilla fondant icing, some sprinkles and some of the new flowers I have been making recently. The primrose coloured flower above is a petunia.

They do take a fraction more to fill than a standard cupcake case and are definitely not the easiest things to get into (there is no pretty way to open them – you just have to tear the card wrapper off!).

If you would like to try them with an order, just let me know. I think they would nice with a lemon curd filling, lemon sponge and either a lemon icing or frosting too. It would be interesting to see what you think – do you like the look of them?

the sweet kitchen – Jubilee Cupcakes

Here they are at last! I have been meaning to make and photograph these cupcakes for some time now, but it was pushed to the top of my ‘To Do List’ by a request for photographs by The Cambridgeshire Journal. Here in Hilton, we are having a weekend full of all sorts of events to celebrate The Jubilee and The Cambridgeshire Journal is going to feature us in print. I am contributing a few hundred mini cupcakes to the event, so the organising committee asked me for some photos to use in the magazine.

The organising committee, headed up by a very loyal fan of my cupcakes, has really gone to town and there will be an outdoor theatre (a performance of The Twits by Roald Dahl), an afternoon tea by the WI, even a fly past by the Lancaster’s! This will be extra special for us as my husband’s father was a rear gunner in a Lancaster in WW2 and, as a rear gunner, was quite lucky to survive the war by all accounts!

Anyway, here are some photos of my Jubilee cupcakes, both regular and mini sizes. I have lots of different decorations for them – red white and blue non-pareils and sprinkles, gold crowns,

blossoms and petunias to signify all the hanging baskets and pots which will surely be on display this summer, roses in red, white and blue ( to signify the English rose of course)’

Union Jack umbrellas (no, it is NOT going to rain)

and some cute flags with the British Lion, corgis etc. The larger cupcakes are in red and blue cases with a crown design on them. The minis are in Union Jack cases. Both sizes can also have red, white and blue cases added in as well.

I will amend the decorations to make them suitable for The Olympics (team GB and Union Jacks to replace the crowns and flags) and red, white and blue cases to replace the crown cases. I will also be making 4th July Cupcakes with red, white and blue stars and some other decorations to be revealed later!

I should say that I am already jam-packed with orders for the weekend of 2nd June, but may be able to accommodate your orders either side of that weekend.

Anyway, hope you like them!

I made this cupcake tower a couple of weeks ago for a 40th birthday party. The lady in question loves shoes and handbags, so we went with that as a theme.

Everything was in black, silver or white and red.

I had a bit of nightmare and lost my original handbag and shoe cutters, which meant that I had to dash to my local shop (Sugar Daddy’s in St. Neots) and buy some more. Luckily for me they had some in stock and actually they worked better than my original ones. I still haven’t found the originals – I have no idea where they can be!

I used 100’s and 1000’s in red, white and black, blossoms in all colours with a silver ball centre, number 40’s  and then I used cutters to add lots of different handbags and shoes. The white decorations were sprayed with an edible silver lustre, which actually makes them look pearly white, not silver. Still, I like it better that way.

There were chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cupcakes and mini cupcakes on the stand.

The cases were all foil. The mini cupcakes were actually made in what is more of a petit-four sized case, but they worked well and fitted in with the colour scheme well. The little girls who watched me set it up were desperate to try one, so I’m not sure if they all lasted until the party started!


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