As promised yesterday, here are some photos of the christening I did on Sunday.

This client was keen to have strawberries for the adults and dolly mixtures for the children.

The strawberry cupcakes consist of vanilla sponge, a strawberry conserve filling, a strawberry frosting and a fresh strawberry on top.

The sweet mini cupcakes are just good old vanilla with vanilla frosting.

And here is the final stand. Not the best of photos due to the shadows and a useless photographer (me!). I thought it looked really pretty and inviting and would look good at a wedding, summer party or indeed a christening!

The client said “Just wanted to say that the cakes were very much enjoyed yesterday and were all wolfed down whilst we were there! Everyone was saying how nice they were.”

I have spent a hectic weekend working on an engagement party, this wedding and a christening. For some reason this was a very popular weekend!  The wedding party was held at The White Hart in Godmanchester and was themed around chocolate-brown and ivory.

The cupcakes were all chocolate and vanilla in plain brown and brown and white dotty cases. Some of the brown cases were inserted into Ivory Lace cupcake wrappers (from Squires). These are quite expensive, but really nice quality. You don’t need to use them on all the cupcakes, but really add another dimension to the stand.

The top cake was a chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache. It was edged with milk chocolate cigarillos and filled with white chocolate roses (both from Squires). Again, these are pretty expensive to buy in, but are worth it for a special occasion. After much deliberation and many purchases of ribbon, I finally decided that the brown and cream dotted ribbon would look best, picking up the dotty cases. Many of the ivory ribbons available are more mushroom in colour and just didn’t look good with the cream rose and frosting. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a proper cream ribbon! I think the dotted ribbon worked very well in the end, tying the whole look together.

The cupcakes were decorated with some small daisies and blossoms in cream sugar paste and chocolate-flavoured sugarpaste.

The next day involved a quick dash back to get the stand, so I could wash it and deliver it to the christening which I will show you tomorrow.

Cute Bumblebees

February 11, 2012

I thought you might like to see a small preview of these, which I have made for an order going out next week:

Sweet, aren’t they? As you may know, I am not heavily into modelling sugarpaste or making novelty cakes, but this just shows, you should try to step outside your comfort zone sometimes!

New Cupcake Cases

February 10, 2012

I now have some new coloured cases in stock. All of these are classed as my standard colours and included in the cupcake prices.

Here are the new colours:

Top row: Lime Green and Burgundy

Bottom Row: Navy and Ivory

I have needed all of these colours in the past, particularly the burgundy and ivory for weddings,, and now luckily the manufacturer is making them.

This photo shows all the standard case colours:

Top Row: Brown, Baby Blue, Ivory, Mid Pink, Red

Middle Row: Purple, Bright Blue, Lime Green, Pale Pink, Yellow

Bottom Row: Black, Navy, Mid Green, Burgundy, Orange

And of course there is good old white available, but not shown here.

Here are the mini cases which are included in the standard price:

Top Row: White

Middle Row: Pastels: Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Pale Yellow, Pale Green, Pale Peach

Bottom Row: Brights: Navy, Bright Pink, Yellow, Green,  Red.


There are of course a million other patterned and foil cases available to order, should you wish to use them on your order!

Baby Shower Mini Cupcakes

January 17, 2012

I made these last weekend for a baby shower in Cambridge.

These are lemon cupcakes in mini pale blue and white dotty cases. The theme was pale blue with little hints of gold here and there, so I added in some blossoms dusted with gold lustre and some gold Magic Sparkles.

The cakes with pale blue frosting and blue flowers are vanilla in plain white cases. These demonstrate how butter affects the colour of the frosting, as the same colour us used for the flowers and frosting here!

Finally there was a box of mini chocolate cupcakes in gold foil cases decorated with mini chocolate cigars, mini marshmallows, candy coated chocolate drops and

gold Magic Sparkles.

 Mini cupcakes are very popular after Christmas. Not only do they feed more people, but are gentler on the waistline too!

The client very kindly sent me her feedback:

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the  gorgeous mini cupcakes. They were the runaway hit of our baby shower/birthday party, and compliments went out to the baker and designer!

I will be sending your name and company information out to any  friends or family members who are looking for sweet treats for  their future parties, and I myself will definitely contact you again in the coming months when my baby boy is here and relatives start turning up by the gazillions!”

Mini Christmas Cupcakes

December 6, 2011

Just a quick post to show you these Chocolate Orange Mini Cupcakes, which are my donation to the cake stall at Fenstanton’s “Switching On The Christmas Lights” tonight. The Cubs help run the evening selling cakes and running all sorts of stalls and games to help raise funds for the group. Lots of mince pies, gingerbread men and hot drinks on offer!

Alpine Christmas Cupcakes

December 6, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes have started going out and this was the first box to leave my kitchen last week:

the sweet kitchen's Alpine Christmas Cupcakes 2011

I think they looked rather nice and wouldn’t have minded eating one myself!

This year I’ve gone for a traditional,. homely look, which is bound to appeal to children These cakes are a bit more fiddly to make than the usual cupcakes, but the effect is well worth the effort.

It;s hard to pick a favourite, but I do rather like the holly with the pinky-red sugar balls! Very simple and very traditional.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cupcakes

November 22, 2011

I delivered these to a small wedding at Hotel Felix in Cambridge about 2 weeks ago.

The couple specifically wanted the colour of the frosting to match the Tiffany jewellery boxes.

Here’s the Tiffany blue box I was trying to emulate…

Everything was white at the wedding, apart from a few touches of the Tiffany blue here and there. The cakes themselves were very simply decorated with white blossoms with a silver centre and white blossom sprinkles.

The colour blue is a bit tricky (as you can see, it actually looks different in every photo!) and I wasn’t sure if I could get the exact colour, but the couple said “the cupcakes were absolutely amazing and everyone loved them! You really did manage to get the colour perfect.”

Well, that’s good enough for me!

This cupcake tower  was made a couple of weeks ago for a wedding at The University Arms in Cambridge.

There was an Autumn theme to the wedding and this was reflected in the cupcakes which were all decorated with leaves.

There were maple and pecan cupcakes with maple frosting with a marbled maple leaf in shades of red through to orange.

Then there were red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting with three small rose leaves.

Here are carrot cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting and a larger rose-leaf.

These are lemon with lemon curd centres, lemon frosting and an ivy leaf and there were also chocolate ganache cupcakes with a marbled oak leaf seen on the stand below.

The autumn leaf theme was something a bit different and very appropriate for the time of year.







I made these to go down to Elsworth Shop in the morning – the cakes contain loads of roasted banana with vanilla and soured cream. The frosting is a heady, honey-scented mix spiced with cinnamon.

The autumn leaf sprinkles are just what is needed at the moment, as the leaves are all starting to turn.

However, my mind is already turning to Christmas. I need to try and get some cupcakes made this week to photograph and I have one or two new things up my sleeve too! Keep watching to find out what…


Although I say it every time I manage to post something, being so busy in September has prevented me from blogging very much, but I intend to try to put that right now that wedding season is, if not over, then at least a little calmer.

Here’s a wedding I did earlier in September in Brampton. A simple tower of purple, mauve and cream.

Purple definitely seems to have been the ‘in’ colour this year – I have done several over the summer months. It will be very intriguing to see what becomes popular next year.

This couple chose silver and purple foil cases with roses and hearts in purple and mauve. The top cake was simply iced and decorated with a purple satin ribbon. They supplied their own bride and groom for the top.

Here’s the purple rose…

and the mauve one with the hearts in the background.

The clients said ” We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cakes that you made for our wedding.

They tasted gorgeous and went down a treat with our guests.”

This reception took place at Trinity College, Cambridge this week. They wanted quite a modern, striking effect and I think the combination of black, white and lime green certainly achieved that.

The top cake was a lemon sponge covered with sugar paste and decorated with black damask shapes to complement the black and white damask cupcake wrappers.

The cupcakes were half lemon and half lime. They wanted them to be extra lemony and limey, so a fairly hefty quantity of lemons and limes were grated and squeezed that day! They were also filled with lemon and lime curd.

The cupcakes were decorated with black roses and lime green leaves and a three-layered flower in lime and white.

These are the rather smart cupcake wrappers I used.

The florist provided a posy of flowers to match the flowers at the venue and had included tiny snippets of black feathers to pick up the black throughout the cake stand.

Should anyone be wondering about the black stand, I had it specially made in black acrylic with a clear acrylic central maypole. It looked very smart and striking indeed. I think the client is going to keep this stand, but this is a service which can be provided, should you want a stand in a particular colour.

12 October 2011

The client’s comments:

“Thank you so much for the very lovely wedding cupcakes you made for our Trinity wedding dinner. Everyone loved the cake, because it was so elegant and delicious. Thank you for making such an effort to give us just the cake we wanted. You made our evening very special.”

These cakes were made for a large christening at the weekend.

They chose strawberry cupcakes:

blueberry and lemon…

and lots of mini vanilla cupcakes with strawberry pink frosting and Dolly Mixtures.

I am finally back at work – it’s taking me a while to build up to full speed! It’s not so easy, what with having kids around in the summer holidays, but as of yesterday I need to change up a gear, as I have two weddings this weekend, amongst other orders.

These chocolate and strawberry cupcakes were made yesterday for someone’s 18th birthday celebration at Alton Towers, so they had to travel quite a way. Hope they made it in one piece!

The chocolate cakes were decorated with various chocolate sprinkles – chocolate spaghetti, white chocolate stars, chocolate balls and chocolate chunks (all for a chocolate fiend!).

The photos aren’t as clear as they could be. My husband left the camera on some funny setting, which I didn’t notice, as I am very much a point, press and hope for the best type of photographer!

I left the hulls on the strawberries on these cakes, as the local strawberries are so juicy, I thought the juice might run all over the cakes on their way to Alton Towers.

I think these strawberry cupcakes looked especially good yesterday. The local strawberries are still going strong, which is good news, as I have 140+ of these little beauties to make for a christening next Sunday…

However, they will be disappearing from the specials page on the website shortly, as it’s time for some autumn flavours – I’m thinking ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin etc for September and October… the ginger cupcakes are sitting on my dining table as I write, waiting to be photographed. No-one is allowed to touch them, until decent photos are bagged – you can imagine two boys hovering around them, wondering just when is their Dad going to photograph them!

You could hardly have picked worse weather to go and deliver cakes – the rain was torrential yesterday for what seemed like hours on end. Luckily the porters let me in through the back gates and I was able to get pretty close to the doors!

This cupcake stand was for a wedding reception in the Saltmarsh Rooms. They chose Maple and Pecan Cupcakes with maple frosting (the top cake was the same flavour) and Mocha Cupcakes with mocha frosting (strong espresso and chocolate).

The couple chose a very cute Lego cake topper, which I believe a friend of theirs made. It was certainly different and I can imagine a lot of Lego fanatics out there would love to know how to build one!

In order to complement the simplicity of the Lego, we kept the decorations to simple hearts in red and cream with red and white cases.

Even though my husband and son accompanied me on this trip and I was relieved of camera duties, it was still not easy to get good photos, because it was so dark outside. Even with the fancy new flashgun he’s splashed out on….

Here’s the topper from the other angle….

This morning I had to battle with lemming-like tourists and go in through the front entrance of Kings to fetch the stand, which meant parking in the loading bay and hoping I could dash there and back before getting a ticket (even though I was loading, my car doesn’t look like an obvious delivery van!)

From there it was a quick dash to Little Abington to fetch my son from a weekend Cubs camp. When I say every last thing was wet, I mean it, even the Harry Potter book he was reading! Just when I thought I could put my feet up…..

This last half-term is so hectic – I’ve had no time to blog at all. I’m conscious of the stack of photos building up with nothing done to them yet. However, a very nice comment about my blog from a friend today prompted me into trying to get something done about it!

Anyway, this was a wedding I did in June at Anstey Hall in Cambridge.

All of the cakes were lemon with lemon curd filling and lemon frosting.

Needless to say, all were decorated with mini and large purple butterflies.

The cases are purple with white butterflies and white with purple butterflies.

They wanted the top cake kept simple – it was simply frosted all over and dotted with butterflies.  They seemed very happy with the results, which is the main thing!

These cupcakes were made for the Ospreys Committee, which is the society for female athletes who have represented Cambridge University at first team level.
The society colours are cream, pink and the Cambridge  blue colour, so I followed the general colour theme by using natural, aqua blue and pink frosting along with bright pink, white and blue sprinkles.

Whilst the birds are technically lovebirds, not ospreys, they were pretty close to the black osprey logo they use. Anyway, I hope they enjoyed them!

These have just been added to the standard list of cupcakes on the website, especially for all those coconut fans out there.

These particular cakes were made for someone in Cambridge yesterday, so I hope they enjoyed them.

I used a variety of pink, cream and pinky-peach flowers to decorate them, but the coconut cakes can be topped with toasted coconut or any other decorations of your choice.

Today I’ve been working on a wedding for tomorrow and I’ve made 100 lemon cupcakes and a lemon layer cake, all in purple butterfly cases. They will be finished off tomorrow by being filled with lemon curd and topped with a swirl of lemon frosting. I got off to a slow start, as I had an appointment to take my son to first thing and they were running 45 mins late. None too apologetic either! I’m thinking we might go out to eat tonight, so I don’t have to cook again – sometimes the chef needs a night off!

The Colour Green

June 15, 2011

Now, green may not be everyone’s first choice, but the young lady who these cakes were for, loved anything and everything in green, so I duly did my best to source what I could.

I managed to find emerald green glitter, green sugar sparkles, green glitter trees and some rather attractive pearlised balls in shades of green, bronze and gold.

I wasn’t sure that green flowers were really the way to go, so I added in some peach and yellow flowers as well as some gold star sprinkles.

I also used some jade green mini cases which are hard to see in the photos.

Anyway, I hope she liked them!

A Pink Christening

June 14, 2011

I made these for a little girl’s christening a week or so ago. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with pink and white gerberas and pale pink rosebuds.

I used pale pink dotted, pale pink and bright fuchsia pink cases. I can’t get these bright pink ones any more so I am being careful how I sue them! They are such a good vibrant colour, so I find it really irksome that I can’t get them any more.

The client left a message on my anwserphone saying how thrilled they were with them and how everyone admired. them so much. It’s always a bit of a thrill for me to hear that!

I am planning and getting ready for a wedding and party later in the week. One order is for a rather interesting sports group, so I will post photos by the end of the week….


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