New Giant Cupcake!

I know these aren’t new to the market as such, but I have never made them before. I was never sure that it was worth investing in the tin, but seeing as I have taken a few recent orders for them, I decided I may as well buy the tin!

So this was my first giant cupcake, made for a 21st birthday this weekend.

The sponge was a chocolate chip cake – I used an American recipe, which was possibly a bit sweeter than standard English recipes, but hopefully yummy nonetheless.

They requested pink roses, so here they are with tiny blossoms dotted amongst them on palest pink vanilla frosting.

And here is the specially made giant cupcake box. It’s very enticing to look through the windows!

And below are the cupcakes made to go with it. Brown cases to look like the base of the cake, pale pink vanilla frosting and more roses.

And finally a look at my new gift packaging for cupcakes with a cellophane window on top so you can easily see the contents.

 Hope you like!


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