Christmas Holiday Fir Tree Bundt Cake

This is going to be one of my special offerings for Christmas 2011 –  a Cranberry and Orange Holiday Fir Tree Bundt cake.

The china in the background was my grandmother’s – a coffee set in Crown Devon ‘Stockholm’. I keep trying to buy more on ebay, but everybody has the same idea!

Anyway, back to the cake. I love these shaped tins from Nordic Ware, although they are quite pricy to buy. I toyed between this one and a gingerbread cottage, but decided on this in the end, as I thought it would be a crowd pleaser.

The cake above was my first attempt at using the tin, so I was delighted when it just dropped out of the tin, without a single crumb clinging to the sides. A sign of a good tin, I think.

I decided on Orange and Cranberry as it is a classic Christmas combination, fresh and fruity, not heavy like a traditional Christmas cake.

I did wonder if using fruit might cause it to burn and stick, but no, not at all.

I love these simple, snowy trees. What could more Christmassy? If you decide to order one, you could always add a little holly or a robin or two to decorate it, if you wish, but I quite like it plain and simple.

The cake can also be made in any of my other standard flavours you would like, such as vanilla, lemon or chocolate or perhaps something a bit different such as Chocolate Peppermint or Raspberry and Pistachio.

Look out for some more posts coming soon on my Christmas specials!


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