Fairy Birthday Cake

This cake was made for a little girl called Mia, who particularly likes fairies.

These rather cute little china fairies are just the ticket, I think!

I made the flowers in pink and yellow to match and sprinkled them with a little glitter, as that usually goes down well with most little girls!

The cake was a vanilla later cake with raspberry preserves and pink vanilla frosting in the middle and on top.

By all accounts, it went down very well.

I’m hopefully going to see ‘Bridesmaids’ tonight, if I can keep my eyes propped open that long! I have been preparing wedding cakes today, covering them with marzipan, trying out some new flowers, been to the cake decorating shop – can’t wait til Friday when we break up and things won’t seem so hectic. Well, hopefully…. although we do have Hilton Feast Week on next week, which usually means lots of things to keep us busy. At least there won’t be any more 7am alarm calls, which may seem late for a lot of you, I know, but it’s far too early for me at the end of term!


One thought on “Fairy Birthday Cake

  1. The Fairy Birthday Cake is marvellous. If I was a little girl, I would like to have one like this on my birthday!
    My congratulations to you.

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